Rock Paper Scissors Solitaire


Are you bored? And I mean, really bored? Like "I'd do anything to pass time"-bored?

Do you also happen to be alone and without an internet connection?

You could play Rock Paper Scissors solitaire!

All you need is a dice. That's your opponent. Throw it from your hand and as soon as you throw it form the shape you choose with your hand and see the result of the dice. 1-2 is Rock, 3-4 is Paper, 5-6 is Scrissors.

Those numbers can be changed if you don't like them. For example I grew up calling it Paper Rock Scissors (Carta-Sasso-Forbici in Italian), so to me 1-2 being Paper and 3-4 being Rock is easier to mentally handle.

That's it.

Did I mention you need to be really bored to enjoy this?