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  1. My list of things for a better world

    Here is a list of things, in no particular order and without much explanation, that I think could make, for various reasons, the world a better place.

    Please note that, as I seem to be a human being, I'm prone to errors and I sometimes change my mind about various …

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  2. Endless Computer, code dumps and free software

    On the libreplanet mailing list, a user recently asked for opinions on the response the members of the Endless Computer project gave when asked why they are not releasing their whole software stack as free software. One paragraph in particual caught my attention:

    Finally, any successful free software project needs …

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  3. Why permissive licenses miss the point

    Recently, I came across the Occupy GPL website (now redirecting to choosealicense , here is a mirror), that was aimed at exposing reasons against the use of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

    Their manifesto starts by saying "The GPL is not a free license". This is because, in their opinion …

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  4. How I became a Mozillian

    As I promised myself in my resolutions for the new year, I decided to become an active member of the Mozilla community. But with a twist.

    I thought the better way to participate to the project was by coding, specifically helping with the Firefox OS code base. Instead, I decided …

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  5. Cavacamicia - analisys of an Italian card game with scheme

    When I was a child, I used to play lots of various card games with my grandmother and cousins. One of these games is a northern-italian game called Cavacamicia, with simple rules and based solely on luck (no strategy involved at all). It was a good game to pass time …

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  6. Resolutions for 2014

    Another year has passed. I learned a lot. At my day job I learned how to code full-stack Java applications, from JSF pages straight to EJB taking data directly from a database or from a JAX-WS web service. I used both JBoss and IBM WebSphere. I used Eclipse. I learned …

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