1. Una giornata nel futuro


    La versione ri-editata di un racconto che ho scritto nel 2017 e che è stato pubblicato nel #3 della zine LAPIDAZI(O)NE nell'ottobre dello stesso anno.

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  2. Project Necromancy


    Looking at other people's blogs made me think about how long ago I started a blogging. I didn't have an answer, so I did what any reasonable person would do: I started looking for my (nick)name on search engines. By doing this I found at least two old blogs …

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  3. Rock Paper Scissors Solitaire


    Are you bored? And I mean, really bored? Like "I'd do anything to pass time"-bored?

    Do you also happen to be alone and without an internet connection?

    You could play Rock Paper Scissors solitaire!

    All you need is a dice. That's your opponent. Throw it from your hand and …

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  4. Published:

    New minimalistic theme! Now also more readable on mobile

  5. The Guardian vs. Scary Russian Hackers


    There are a couple of things that are really complex: geopolitics and computer security. In this day and age, a lot of people seem very scared about a mix of those two themes, that is Russian Hackers.

    While casually snooping around The Guardian's homepage today, I found an article entitled …

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  6. Published:

    Finally got my 5+ years old raspberry pi out of the shelf and connected it to my home network. Hostname: zelos. I still have to decide what to do with it :D

  7. Published:

    Not just a blog anymore. Now my profile is directly on top of the home page instead of its own About page

  8. Published:

    I modified the site's template a little bit to accomodate microblog posts. Next step, POSSE to Twitter

  9. Aesthetic Minimalism and Technical Minimalism


    A recent submission to Hacker News was a website called Brutalist Websites, a showcase of other websites with a graphic style that one could define, well, ugly (by today's standards). Most of them also display some characteristics of this decade's design trend, namely minimalism.

    What actually distinguishes them from the …

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